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02/19 Advanced Drill Instructor Currency Assessment

Correct as of 8 Oct 2019

The Regimentation and Drills Sub-Committee (RDSC), a unit of the National Training Committee will be organising the 02/19 ADI Currency Assessment (ADICA) on Sunday, 17 Nov 2019. From 2019 onwards, the annual Drill Instructor Workshop will be replaced with the Advanced Drill Instructor Currency Assessment (ADICA). FDIs / ADIs whose membership in the Brigade Drill Instructor Registry will be expiring this year are required to undergo the ADICA to be reinstated to said registry for the next two years. FDIs / ADIs whose membership in the Brigade Drill Instructor Registry does not expire this year are welcome to participate.

RDSC_Info Sheet for 0219 ADI Currency Assessment_081019.pdf

09/19 Advanced Drill Instructor Course

Correct as of 28 April 2019

RDSC will be organising the 09/19 ADI Course from 2 Jun 2019 to 7 Jul 2019.

The mission of this penultimate course in formal Drill Subject-Matter Expert (SME) development is to train a select group of qualified Commissioned Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) who have displayed exceptional passion and competency in the subject-matter to become Advanced Drill Instructors (ADIs) serving in their respective Zones.

The Course Joining Instructions can be accessed below:

ADI_0919_Course Joining Instructions.pdf

Advanced Drill Instructor Course Syllabus

Correct as of 1 June 2019



Correct as of 16 November 2017

Following completion of the 07/17 Advanced Drill Instructor Course, the registry have been updated. The updated registry took effect from 13 August 2017.

Drill Instructor Registry (2016-2018) CAA 15112017.docx