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Latest production as of 23 July 2017

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Knights of St John

Knights of St. John is the official March of the St John Brigade Singapore. At the annual Brigade General Inspection, the parade proudly marches to this tune that was specially composed to represent all members of the Brigade. It can also be played at Zone and Corps parades when the parade marches on.

St John Salutes

SJ Salute Number 1

Inspired by the Knights of St. John, the SJBS Salute Number 1 is played in salute of Reviewing Officers holding special precedence. It is largely played at Brigade parades for visiting foreign dignitaries such as the Grand Prior, the Lord Prior and the Chancellor of the Order of St John.

SJ Salute Number 2

The SJBS Salute Number 2 is played in salute of the Prior, Priory of Singapore, formerly known as the Chairman, National St John Council. This salute can also be played for visiting Priors from other St John Priories.

SJ Salute Number 3

The SJBS Salute Number 3 is played in salute of the Chief Commissioner of St John Brigade Singapore. It can also be played in salute of visiting Chief Commissioners from foreign St John Brigades.

SJ Salute Number 4

The SJBS Salute Number 4 is played in salute of Commissioners – Seniors Officers holding the ranks of Super Grade 5 to Super Grade 2. In particular, it can be played in salute of Zone Commissioners at Zone parades.


We would like to thank esteemed composer and arranger, Mr Tan Kah Yong, for his kind assistance in producing our St John Parade Music and Scoring (Knight of St John and SJ Salutes).