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[BMC Approved] Revised Foot Drill Competition Component Format.pdf

Revised Foot Drill Competition Component Format

On 5 Aug 2023, the Brigade Management Committee (BMC) approved the revised foot drill competition component format for implementation from 2024 onwards. Find out more here!

WOD_Brigade Drill Instructor Registry_4 Feb 2024.pdf

Brigade Drill Instructor RegistrY (Latest)

Foot Drill Instructors (FDI) and Advanced Drill Instructors (ADI) must pass the ADI Currency Assessment every two years, to remain appointed to the Brigade Drill Instructor Registry.

Download the latest Brigade Drill Instructor Registry here!

WOD_Brigade Drill Instructor Registry_29 Oct 2023.pdf

Brigade Drill Instructor Registry (2023)

For Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme (CPBS) auditing purposes, the end-2023 Brigade Drill Instructor Registry is available here.