Warrant Officer Training Course

WOTC Misssion

The mission of the WOTC is to train a select group of qualified Senior Non-Commissioned Officers who have excelled as Advanced Drill Instructors to become Warrant Officers and Deputy District Sergeant Majors serving in their respective Districts. It is the pre-requisite leadership and subject-matter expert qualification course aimed at admitting volunteers of the Brigade into the Warrant Officer Corps. 

08/24 WOTC

The 08/24 WOTC is currently ongoing, from 3 Mar to 7 Apr 2024. We wish our four WOCs the very best as they journey to become Warrant Officers of the Brigade!

Pacestick Drill

The pacestick symbolises a Warrant Officer's authority on the Parade Square. As part of WOTC, Warrant Officer Cadets (WOC) learn to master open and closed pacestick drills.

Warrant Officer Cadet (WOC)

Trainees of the WOTC don a unique rank insignia which comprises a white bar and the white insignia of a Warrant Officer Grade 4 (WO4) rank.

Casing and Uncasing of Colours

Did you know that Colours must be cased during transportation to and from a parade venue? As part of WOTC, WOCs are taught to ceremonially case and uncase Colours. The elaborate process accords the appropriate reverence to the Colours, which are consecrated by religious leaders.

Parades and Ceremonies

Behind the pomp and pageantry of Parades and Ceremonies, there is much planning of the finest details which is undertaken by Warrant Officers. As part of WOTC, WOCs learn how to plan for, conduct, and teach, District-level parades and ceremonies.

Parade Training Methods of Instruction (MOI)

Building upon Drill MOI taught at the BDI and ADI Courses, WOCs learn how to teach parade components effectively to both Parade Key Appointment Holders (KAH) and contingents. Through peer teaching and learning, WOCs hone their instructional skills in preparation for their future responsibilities as Parade Chief Trainers.

Parade Marking

Parade marking is hardwork! And yet, every marking is crucial in regulating coordinated manoeuvre on parade. Through WOTC, WOCs practise translating their parade layout to precise markings on the parade square.

Higher Protocol Knowledge

Building upon their foundation in Basic Protocol Knowledge at the ADI Course, WOCs apply principles of protocol to realistic scenarios. Through group discussions, WOCs gain an in-depth understanding of how protocol applies in everyday life.