ADI Course Mission

The mission of this penultimate course in formal Drill Subject-Matter Expert (SME) development is to train a select group of qualified Commissioned Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) who have displayed exceptional passion and competency in the subject-matter to become Advanced Drill Instructors (ADIs) serving in their respective Zones. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the ADI Course, ADI Graduates are expected to be grounded in the Drill Instructor Values and have developed the following 3 competencies to enable them to excel at Corps and Zone responsibilities as an ADI. 

Competency 1: Drill

Competency 2: Regimentation and Protocol

Competency 3: Parades and Ceremonies

13/24 ADI Coursse

The 13/24 ADI Course was conducted from 7 Jan to 18 Feb 2024.

Congratulations to all trainees who successfully completed the course. Results will be announced during the ADI Course Graduation on 13 Jul 2024.

The ADI Course will be back in 2025! Interested to further your passion and hone your competencies in drill instruction? Stay tuned for the Course Joining Instructions which will be disseminated through your Districts!

Colours Drill

The "Flourish" is the most challenging of the Colours Drills. Executed in slow time, the Ensign pays compliments to the Reviewing Officer by unfurling the Colours marching past the saluting dais in a half-dip position. As part of the ADI Course, trainees learn how to execute the "Flourish" amonst the entire raange of Colours Drills.

Drill Method of Instruction

Drill instruction is the bread and butter of any Drill Instructor. Through structured and guided practice sessions during the ADI Course, trainees learn to master the art of teaching drill.