Advanced Drill Instructor (ADI) Course

07/17 Advanced Drill Instructor Course

The 07/17 Advanced Drill Instructor (ADI) Course has ended. Please look forward to 2018's course run.

The ADI Course Mission

The mission of this penultimate course in formal Drill Subject-Matter Expert (SME) development is to train a select group of qualified Commissioned Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) who have displayed exceptional passion and competency in the subject-matter to become Advanced Drill Instructors (ADIs) serving in their respective Zones.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the ADI Course, ADI Graduates are expected to be grounded in the Drill Instructor Values and have developed the following 3 competencies to enable them to excel at Corps and Zone responsibilities as an ADI.

Competency 1: Drill

    • Module 1: Personal Drill Mastery
    • Module 2: Squad Drill Mastery
    • Module 3: Colours Drill and the Colours Party
    • Module 4: Drill Lesson Planning and Resource Use
    • Module 5: Drill Method of Instruction (MOI)
    • Module 6: Conducting the BDI Course
    • Module 7: Assessing the Drill Knowledge Badge
    • Module 8: Training Safety

Competency 2: Regimentation and Protocol

    • Module 9: Basic Protocol Knowledge
    • Module 10: Brigade Dress Regulations

Competency 3: Parades and Ceremonies

    • Module 11: Parades and Ceremonies Planning (Zone)
    • Module 12: Being a Master-of-Ceremonies (MC) for Parades and Ceremonies (Self-Study Module)
    • Module 13: Parade Approval of Plans (AOP)

07/17 ADIC Course Joining Instructions (CJI)

ADI_0717_Course Joining Instructions.pdf

07/17 ADIC Online Application Form